Eastbourne Circles vocations officer is the Rev. Eugene Adams, Deacon at Christ The King Church.

Each Catenian meeting starts with a set of prayers led by the President. These include a prayer for vocations:


Let us pray for vocations to the Priesthood, Diaconate and the Religious Life.


Heavenly Father in your plan for our salvation you provide shepherds for your people. Look with favour upon our homes and communities that through the Holy Spirit, men and women may be inspired in the grace of a vocation to the priesthood, diaconate and religious life to care for your flock, minister at your altars and be ardent but gentle servants of the Gospel. Lord we ask you to receive our prayer that we make through your son Jesus Christ,

Every day of the year somewhere in the world a mass is said on behalf of the Catenians for vocations.


On 2nd February 2020 Eastbourne Circle’s mass will be said in conjunction with Circle masses in Northampton, Darlington, Somerset (West), Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Coventry and West Byfleet.

The Catenian Association Province 18 (www.sussexcatenians.org.uk) were pleased to present to Father Simon Hall from St Dunstans, Woking on behalf of the Diocesan Vocations' Office a cheque for £1909.96.

The presentation was made by our immediate Past Provincial President, Mike Newman from Crawley Circle, at the dinner following our Province 18 AGM at Pyecombe Golf Club on Wednesday May 15, 2019.

The money was collected from the Brothers of nine Circles and two Groups within the Sussex catchment area over the past year. As an Association, we are pleased to help with some of the funding needed for vocations in The Diocese.